January 2015

Welcome to the new year and welcome back to the Niftyness. Its been all go here recently and despite the cold I am raring to go. Having recently moved I am now based in a new home at number 8 Herbert Street, Pontardawe and frantically organising the new ranges soon available for Spring/Summer 2015. Also I am currently booking the first few outings to fairs and events so have sort of hit the ground running so far this year.

Our wonderful vintage styles supplier have recently introduced a range of dresses for little girls from age 3/4 to 11/12 and a selection of these will be with us very soon for you to see. Would really like some feedback on them so if you have a little lady who could come try please pop in end of January for a swirl.

I have also discussed the introduction of a new vintage range for those special occasions. A UK company, UK designer and UK made dresses,skirts,tops which currently range from 1930s styles to 1960s but soon introducing a range of 1920s too! I can hardly contain myself 🙂 (and they also do a range of men’s vintage wear and accessories). Again – as soon as these are on the way I will let you know so please don’t forget to pop to Nifty & Co if you have a special occasion this year – be different!

So, as I mentioned above – the move…its bigger, lighter, brighter and also right next door to a blooming tea shop! Cupcakes, celebration cakes, light lunches and teas and coffees. To be honest I will need to start getting larger clothes if I carry on. It’s great to hear the sounds of happy people chatting and laughing as they sup away on a hot chocolate and we are really settling in well here. Click here to see the tea shop facebook page.

There is so much going you really need to pay a visit soon. Independent shops including home decor and vintage pieces from Decorum, clothing for all ages and styles from our good selves, Jayne’s and Blinging Stunning, numerous hair salons and nail bars/beauticians, 2 florists, 2 butchers, numerous bakers and very soon a new fruit/veg and produce store. I also picked up the Arts Centre programme yesterday to see some awesome nights advertised including live stream RSC productions, a Ska night, Northern soul nights and lots more live music. So please pay Pontardawe a visit soon.

Hey – have a great 2015 and I hope to see you soon

Love n Rock n Roll